Weapons of Ass Destruction 4

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Weapons of Ass Destruction 4


234 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Jasmine Byrne, Luci Thai, Tory Lane, Michelle B, Heather Gables, Alexis Amore, Mark Wood, Mandingo, Bret Rockman & Jules Jordan



It’s time for another long trip into the mind of Jules Jordan. The box says that this is nearly four hours long. Probably too long for an all-sex/gonzo movie, but that’s the way things are going these days. Maybe Jules just has too many hot women in the cast to keep it to 2:20. Just check out the box cover and do the math. We’ve got some hot Latin flavor with Alexis Amore and Jasmine Byrne. There is the requisite Asian babe in Lucy Thai. We’ve also got a couple of anal blondes in Michelle B and Heather Gables. That leaves Tory Lane who can do some pretty amazing things with her body and her orifices. Jules has plenty of hard cock meat lined up to meet these ladies ass-on and make sure that their buns are split and their asses are properly destroyed.

Alexis is our first girl and she has a good time showing off. Her fingers find their way into her pussy and she seems to love the taste. After showing off that body, she shoves a bit toy right up her ass. We’ve seen Alexis do a lot of scenes before, but I have a feeling that we might be in for something better than she’s done before. Jules and two friends join Alexis on the bed. She goes right after hard cocks with her mouth and is in the center of a circle of dick. (Is it me or does Jules get new ink for every movie these days?) Pulling her back onto his cock Jules lets Alexis use her mouth to keep the other guys happy. They all give it to her hard, but Alexis is actually asks them to do it harder. That thick ass she’s got gets worked over, but our naughty Latina is certainly no worse for the wear. I love the reverse cowgirl here and the fact that Alexis throws some Spanish into the mix. She gives us some really good looking DP footage and when she isn’t talking dirty, she remains air tight. The guys even manage some really great standing DP action that has Alexis smiling from ear to ear. Her smiling face makes for a perfect target and all three guys tee off with good loads for her. This really is one of the best scenes Alexis has ever done.

Sticking with the Latin theme, Jules brings us Jasmine Byrne. (This year’s hottest rookie IMHO) She looks stunning as always and shows off in her heels, stockings and cute little top. Jules keeps this amazing babe for himself and sticks his tongue right up her hot little ass. He breaks out some big toys and uses a balloon to pump up her butt. After some pointless A2M with the toys, he finally puts his cock into her. The worst part about the stupid A2M crap is that it leaves us less time for the blowjob. So instead of a nice long segment with her full lips working a hard rod we get an expandable toy going from Jasmine’s ass to her mouth. (A challenge to all of you writing in to slam me, you take your fingers, shove them in your ass and then suck them clean. Then tell me what a great and sexy thing this.) At least there is no shortage of fucking. The pretty young girl rides his lap, showing off that fantastic ass fro the camera. Proving that she is an anal queen with few equals, Jasmine She can take it from any angle and look great. I don’t know when Jules decided that he needed to choke and slap girls when fucking them, but whenever he is ready to stop that shit I’ll be behind that decision. The anal sex looks great, especially the piledriver, but it’s hard to get past the little things that we might expect from a Tony T movie. Jasmine saves the scene and a really good facial pop ends what is still an outstanding scene.

Michelle B tells us that she is here to take two big cocks at once. It’s a simple line, but in her thick accent, it’s pretty damn hot. She keeps talking dirty as she takes out those big tits and slaps her naughty little pussy. Michelle waits so long that she starts to beg for those two big dicks. Kneeling between Bret Rockman and Mark Wood, she gets enough hard meat to keep any girl happy. When she isn’t sucking them, she smacks them against her bit tits. Bret moves behind the naughty Brit and slides his dick into her hot hole while she moans around Mark’s meat. Unfortunately there is some serious quacking during part of the sex, but she makes up for it by taking dirty when she isn’t making stupid throat noises. They move from her pussy to her ass and Michelle doesn’t miss a beat. She opens her cheeks and keeps telling them to fuck her ass in that sexy accent. The DP footage is fantastic here. Even with two really big cocks working on her tight little holes, Michelle is ready to work with the guys and keep the heat very high. It would be hard to imagine a DP scene that is any better than this one. Michelle takes it perfectly and lets the guys glaze the hell out of her pretty face. This chick digs cock and it shows.

Tory Lane always looks good so her entrance in bra and panties is bound to make a whole lot of cocks stand up and take notice. She struts around showing off her long legs and perfect ass. Eventually she loses her top, oils herself down and makes her way into a room where Jules is waiting. Tory straddles his face and sits down for a while. She turns around and shoves her lips to the base of his cock. Tory takes it easily and actually looks to be attempting a gag. This scene just looks odd. Jules looks dwarfed by Tory and even as he pounds away on her she seems barely affected. There are some great ass shots as she slams her pussy down on his cock. The anal penetration happens easily and we get to watch her grind in his lap. Jules slams her ass and then she shows off her flexibility during a very unique blowjob position. He shoots his load all over her boots. This is kind of an oddly fetishy ending to a totally straight sex scene.

Heather Gables shows up for disc two and shows off her leash. Jules leads her around and that gives us a lot of chances to check out her hot little body from every angle. At the end of her walk, Jules has Mandingo ready and waiting to light Heather up in ways she never dreamed possible. She starts out on his balls, licking them and drooling like an excited little puppy with a big bone. There is no way that Heather is going to take that whole thing down her throat, but she gives it a really good try. The bends her over and slips that huge cock between her pussy lips. I love the way she bends all the way over and grabs her ankles to really let him go deep. The vag is really good here, but anal is the main event. Heather’s hot white ass gets stretched in a big way during some great anal action. For some reason there is more choking here. (Jules stop it. You don’t have to go down that road.) After having her as stretched and taking as much of that thing as she can, Heather turns around and takes a big wad on her face.

Luci Thai is one of my favorite girls in the business and just watching her strut around the pool is hot. Once again Jules keeps her for himself. He helps her out of her tight little outfit and then gives her a hard cock to suck on. We get some really good oral footage as she works on his pole. Those lips are so great looking that any Luci blowjob scene is bound to be a rod-stiffening experience. It looks like Lucy has been losing weight. Her boobs are looking a little deflated these days. Jules works around behind her and starts licking up her crack. He shoves a toy up her ass and makes her crawl around before making her taste it. (If it tastes so fucking good then why don’t we ever see one of the guys do the A2M?) When the silly games are over he gives her a solid pork in the pooper, making Lucy smile and then naturally making her suck his dick right from her butt. (Which proves what? That she will need a breath mint at the end of the scene?) If we could just cut out the silliness there is some fantastic action here. Lucy arches her back, sticks out her ass and lets him slam away for a while. The heat cranks up another notch when she gets into RCA and shows us that she still has a tremendous body on her. For the pop, Jules lets her put her sunglasses back on and then blasts a huge load all over her face. Lucy licks the glasses clean and gives us all a scene that is reason to hold your load until the very end.

I still don’t think I’m sold on four hour cuts of all-sex movies, but this one rarely feels like it’s dragging. I don’t remember noticing so much choking and slapping in Jordan’s work before. Maybe this is the first time it ever actually got in the way of the heat so hopefully it isn’t a trend. There are some great highlights in this movie. Lucy looks fantastic and is well worth sticking around for. Alexis opens the movie with perhaps her best scene ever. She takes on three guys and looks ready for more even when they douse her with three big loads. Heather impressed me with some great anal from Mandingo. Tory could probably show off her flexibility a little more, but she does a good scene anyway. Michelle B turns in an outstanding DP and that leaves us with Jasmine. She is gorgeous as always and I can only wonder why we didn’t get more blowjob footage from her. Come one, the movie is four hours long. Why skip over that? There isn’t a weak scene in this collection so the only complaints are minor. The choking and slapping is bothersome and needless. The A2M stuff is one of those anti-sex things that everyone is throwing into their movies in place of actual sex. Maybe if we cut all of that stuff out we could get the running time down, have tighter feeling movies and not lose anything good at all. Even with the minor issues, this is a great movie from start to finish. It kind of makes me wish I hadn’t already chosen my best all-sex and best DVD titles for the year.


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