Aurora Snow vs. Gauge

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Aurora Snow Vs. Gauge

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

261 Mins

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Aurora Snow, Gauge, Anal Sex, Swallowing, Double Anal, Gaping

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Gauge,


I’ve got two things to say about this movie. First, it’s a about damn time. Second, why am I not on this disc doing DVD commentary? OK, so the second one is a joke, but I know I’m not alone in feeling that this title is long overdue. Jules Jordan is the top director in the business and his scenes with Aurora and Gauge have always been fantastic. Though this is a compilation of scenes Jules shot with these two amazing women years ago, we are getting to see a longer cut of the action so there still could be some new twists to enjoy.

The girls start out together in the back seat of a moving vehicle. Jules has Aurora tell Gauge what she is in store for, but for some reason Gauge seems more interested in Aurora’s nipples than what she’s saying. They play for a bit in the car, but the real fun begins at home. Gauge eats Aurora’s ass and slides a butt plug right up that sweet butt. Using the bondage toys, Gauge gags Aurora so that she can get her mouth around Jules’ cock first. She gives great eye contact while working his dick and Aurora just sits there patiently waiting for her turn. Once both girls have their mouths free, Jules just leans back and enjoys being the director. He stacks the superstars on top of each other and goes from pussy to pussy before turning to anal. Gauge gets on top and starts working her ass up and down. Aurora gets her butt nailed in piledriver. The best anal action comes when Gauge bends over in front of Jules and he is able to go from one ass to the other. That is very hot shit and leads to a big load of cum that gets swapped back and forth between the two cuties.

Jules catches up with Aurora as she is out applying for a job. He helps her out with her application and likes what he sees and sets her up with a special interview. At home he’s got Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley and Pat Myne waiting to put Aurora through a rigorous oral tryout. Happily dropping to her knees, Aurora shows the kind of enthusiastic oral skills that helped make her a huge star. As talented as her mouth is, only one guy at a time so they start plugging her ass. What makes this scene really work is the great smile on her face and the way she makes every scene seem like she’s having a blast. Even with a dick in all three holes she wants more. The guys do some serious double anal, really rubbing their cocks against one another for that special feeling only another guy can give. That really works out because they all have big loads for her wide open mouth. Some of it goes down her throat while the rest coats her face. This has always been a favorite scene of mine and it is a great reason to already love this flick.

Gauge gets her chance to shine and starts out inside of a cage. (You can almost hear the X-rated nursery rhyme coming.) There are some advantages to being as petite as she is and being able to fit into a tiny cage is one of them. After a short time with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, Gauge gets out of the cage and takes on five guys. The circle of cock surrounds her face and Gauge goes to town on all of them. With the drool flowing and her pretty head bobbing at double speed, she keeps all of the guys really happy. Once again the guys move into position where they can take advantage of her tight little ass. There is some great footage of Gauge taking it hard from behind. Her little body just swallows cock as she gets double-fucked, stretched out and used like a total prick cushion. There is double anal as well for those of you looking for that closer than brothers kind of sexual action. They take a break from rubbing each other long enough to cum all over Gauge’s face.

Aurora starts another scene outside. This time she is in the park telling Jules that she wishes her boyfriend would do dirty things to her at home. We get a little bit of public masturbation before he takes her home. With the help of a double headed dildo, Jules works her ass over pretty well. A thicker toy stretches her ass while he works his dick into her waiting slit. Aurora looks great in doggy and fucks back against his cock perfectly. Getting on her knees, she sucks him all the way to the root to make sure that he is wet enough for harder strokes. Working into the anal we get some amazing footage as she spreads her legs and takes him right up the back road. Gape fans will love this scene and so will those of you who love A2M. Aurora proves that she is perfect for both activities and pulls them off in a way that is still pretty hot. After thoroughly abusing her ass, Jules goes a bit freak show by nutting on her ass, scooping it up in a shot glass and making her drink it. Not a great end, but a hot scene overall.

For Gauge’s next scene she shows up in full schoolgirl garb and teases outside. She is busy playing with her pussy when she is discovered by a couple of truant officers. Mark Ashley and Bret Rockman have big stiff cocks for the naughty little girl and put her in position to use her mouth to get herself out of trouble. On her knees with just her mouth to work two huge dicks, Gauge shines reminding us all why we fell in lust with her in the first place. They take her inside where she loses her uniform and starts doing a fantastic job of servicing those big hard dicks. Bret’s dick is as big as her arm, but she spreads wide to let him fuck her hot little hole hard. They work her ass over as well and she doesn’t miss a beat. Those flexible legs are spread wider than you would think possible as her ass devours dick. Eventually they double up on her holes and once again Gauge proves that she can handle a lot in any orifice. (Sorry guys, no double anal or dick rubbing this time around.) Instead she just eats up their cum like a good girl.

Disc two opens with Aurora hanging out at Jules’ place. The tease footage focuses in on her ass as she holds it open, showing him exactly where she wants his cock. Not one to leave a girl with only one dick, Jules has a couple of friends help her out. She sucks like a champ and is on all fours before she can even get a good taste of both dicks. Taking one from each end in doggy where she can take it in the butt. There is more gape footage here, but the main attraction is the way she takes it up her hot little ass. Erik and Jay pound both holes and giving us great DP footage. There is some great footage of Aurora in RCA. There is extensive dick-rubbing double anal before the guys venture back into the straight world to dump on her ass and face. When they spill a few drops, Aurora even licks it all up.

Gauge teases outside with some flashing on a freeway overpass. I love the way she looks in her purple pants and the public nudity is really hot. As soon as she gets home, Gauge finds herself kneeling between Jules and Mark Ashley. Before fucking her raw, they open up her ass, sticking a tail on her and leaving her shaking that cute butt as she crawls across the floor. Jules has her show off that ass as it hangs over the back of her chair. That tight little hole is right there and ready to be taken so he shoves his cock right between her cheeks. This scene gives us some of the best ass shots of movie. Even before they double stuff her holes, she gives us plenty of good back door action. Her flexibility is awesome during some mish anal action. Gauge is an anal queen and gets her face plastered with two big loads at the end of this one.

Aurora’s final scene is a blow bang from Jordan’s “Feeding Frenzy” flick. She plays the nurse who is looking to collect as many sperm samples as possible. The glasses look great on her and Aurora unleashes her fantastic oral skills for all to see. When one cock isn’t enough for her, Jules sends her down a line of guys who feed her enough dick to destroy a lesser slut. You have to love the eye contact she gives while working cock after cock with her skilled hands and very hot mouth. The guys surround her and she looks right home with all those hard dicks throbbing inches from her face. After delivering one of the best group oral scenes you will ever see, Aurora holds her mouth open and lets all of the guys shoot hot cream right onto her tongue.

Gauge finishes this collection with some more sexy girl tease. This time she’s licking a lollipop before trading it in for the real thing. She takes one cock in each hand and has a third in her mouth. By now we already know what she can do orally so watching her keep these guys going is not at all surprising. Her skills work wonders on the guys who feed her three big loads of cum. Gauge eats them like candy and is ready for the final fuck.

The last action we get starts out with the classic “Gauge in a suitcase” scene. She pops out of the luggage and is ready to take on anyone who gets close to her. Mark Wood, Arnold and John Strong dish out the cock this time and she’s all over them like they are the hottest guys she has ever seen. It’s another three on one scene that quickly moves from her mouth to her ass. Once the anal starts, this scene becomes an instant classic. Gauge pushes her sexy ass down around a hard cock like it’s the best thing she’s ever felt in her life. The DP footage is impressive, but for my money I could watch her on her back with her feet up over her head all fucking day long. The scene closes with some freak shot anal creampie and cum farting shots, but other than this little problem at the end, this scene is blistering hot.

This is a collection of great scenes from a fantastic director starring two of the hottest girls in the business. How can we go wrong? Don’t strain yourself thinking about it. The answer is…you can’t go wrong. This is a stunning collection of some of the best scenes Jules Jordan has ever captured. Obviously it helps if you are already a fan of Gauge or Aurora Snow, but there are plenty of other reasons to watch this flick. If you like gaping asses, cum swallowing, double anal, girls in glasses or incredibly flexible chicks then break out the lube and enjoy. Consider this DVD a must-own for anyone loves Gauge or Aurora and I’m betting that anyone who hasn’t seen them will be a fan by the time this thing is over. I don’t know if I can nominate a compilation disc for Best DVD, but if I could, this would be it.

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