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Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
Male Looks [0/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [11/12]
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Mardi Gras Smiles 1


71 Mins.

Vertical Smiles


THEMES: Flashing, College Girls






I just reviewed Vertical Smiles first release from Spring Break. This one is a Mardi Gras movie and I like the idea of that. There is something great about real girls showing off their tits for fun. Call me a pervert if you like, but I really don’t get tired of watching this stuff. I was really happy with the first DVD because the picture quality was really good. It will be more difficult to have perfect lighting this time since so much of the action will take pace outside at night. Hopefully the girls will be as good looking as they were in the last disc and that we get even more fresh, young co-ed boobs on display. I don’t know if we have any hostesses this time around, but with so many willing girls on the streets, we may not need any.

We start on the streets with a beautiful blonde shaking her big tits for guys who throw beads her way. (The whole Mardi Gras thing seems like it was cooked up by the bead industry.) There is a stream of college chicks pulling up their tops and pushing aside their beads to show off. The parade of girls happens so quickly that it is hard to pick out any favorites. It slows down a bit when we follow a girl named Erin for a bit. She is a very cute girl with a lot to show off.

The cameras go to a happening night club where all the girls seem to enjoy dancing together with barely enough cloth to cover their fun parts. It is really nice to see that so many college girls look ready and able to pursue a career in exotic dancing. Outside on the streets, we get a couple of really hot blondes with big tits. One of them is truly stunning, but look at the action back inside. A small group of girls starts kissing and doing some tittie sucking. It’s a fun place to hang out because there are other girls up near the video screens bumping and grinding to the music.

What I really enjoy about the action on the streets is that we get to see the girls without a big crowd getting in the way. The streets are not so jammed that they look out of control. One very good looking girl gets up on the bar and dances wearing nothing but her strands of beads. Very nice action here and the blonde at the monitors is even hotter. She jumps rope for a while, letting those big tits bounce invitingly.

For the big finale we go into a hotel room with a busty babe. (I’m pretty sure it’s Erin again) and watch as she takes a shower. When her pussy needs a bit of grooming, she just lathers us and does it for the camera. Interesting way to finish and I know that everyone watching is hoping this babe ends up doing hard core sometime in the near future.

I really like the additional flashing in this flick. Spring break was fun, but I think that the Mardi Gras stuff is even better. There are even more co-ed girls stripping down and I loved the stuff in the club. Like the other disc, this one has great picture quality and a few breaks with some featured girls. Mostly it is classic Mardi Gras flashing action and that’s always good. I have a good feeling about this company and think they will be bringing us more great stuff soon.

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