10 Man Cum Slam 5

10 Man Cum Slam 5
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118 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures



THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials, Swallowing




STARS: Delilah Strong, Lena Juliet, Renee Pornero,


The box cover for this flick makes a pretty bold statement. It calls 10 Man Cum Slam “The most intense oral series ever.” I think that we could debate that one all day if we wanted to, but let’s just call it a pretty big facial/swallowing line and leave it at that. The title pretty much sets the stage for the action. Ten guys, one girl, a lot of cum and you have the basis for a series. Before the oral action begins, we get interviews with the girls and with the guys. Some of that footage is pretty interesting though a lot of the porn guys prove that the less a meat puppet says, the better off he is.

Delilah Strong is a petite blonde with tiny titties and an interesting pedigree. Her mother did some movies back in the day. She has learned her lessons well and is ready to suck off ten guys at once. The action begins and Delilah is surrounded by hard meat. In no time at all she is swallowing the first load and moving on to the next guy. The camera is very tight on the action, giving us a good view of Delilah’s enthusiastic oral technique. Each cumshot is numbered and we get replays of them as she gets her mouth filled time and time again. This pretty girl has a very innocent face even as she holds her lips open and rolls freshly fired cream over her tongue. Most of the cum goes right down her throat, though a few of the guys leave a stray drop or two on her chin or shoulder. Anyone who likes watching bright-eyed girls suck cock and swallow cum will enjoy this forty-plus minute oral gang bang a great deal.

Rene Pornero is a blue-eyed brunette with a sexy accent. She talks to us about swallowing cum while the guys list the things they love about her. Before sucking, Rene shows off her feet and ass before fingering her pussy for a bit as a tease. Once she comes face to face with the collection of penises, Rene is totally focused on keeping them all throbbing between her lips and tongue. Two at a time isn’t a problem for this talented young slut. She handles them so easily with her hands and is ready with her mouth open for the first shot. Anytime the cream escapes her lips, Rene uses her fingers to scoop it back in and savor the flavor. Eager to move from one dick to the next, she puts in the extra effort it takes to keep them all super happy. There is some very good POV footage thrown into the middle of the action. This cum hungry girl gets plenty of jizz fired into her mouth and she moans like a satisfied sex monster.

Lena Juliet is the last girl in the movie and she is the best looking girl in the flick. This Latina cutie has a great smile and eyes that just melt the screen. Watching the interviews with the guys is almost painful because she is so fucking hot that I can’t wait to see her get to work. When they finally get her on her knees, the heat skyrockets. The guys gather around and turn her loose. Lena is up to the challenge and gets her whole body into the action. She pops them into her mouth, uses her hands perfectly and provides eye candy like you can’t believe. When the first load hits her tongue she holds it there for the camera. Not only is Lena the best looking chick in the flick, but she also knows how to make a blowjob absolutely nut-busting even for the audience watching at home. Her mouth just stays open as the other guys take their turns dropping loads into her mouth. Some girls don’t like to be kept waiting, but this pretty thing just smiles the whole time they jerk inches from her mouth. She couldn’t look any hotter and there is no question that she is very skilled. These guys are all quite lucky to be dropping cum into and onto this perfect little hottie. This really is one of the hottest group oral scenes I have ever seen.

No, this is not the best oral sex movie ever, but I think it’s one of the best 10 Man Cum Slam DVDs to date. Lena Juliet is so freaking pretty that she totally steals the show. Her group blowjob is one of the best I’ve ever seen and I will watch it again and again. The other two girls are pretty hot as well, but they just can’t quite match her tight body and beautiful face. None of the girls seems at all shy about cum and the pops are generally well shot. I’m not sure about the replays though. They just don’t seem to add much to the action and they kind of mess up the rhythm from time to time. Overall though, this is a really hot movie with one scene that makes the whole disc well worth the price.

Check out 10 Man Cum Slam!


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