Cum Drippers 6

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
Male Looks [9/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [8/12]
Sex [7/12]

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Cum Drippers 6


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

THEMES: Internal Pops




STARS: Teagan, Crystal Ray, Alexis Taylor, Kayla Marie, Cameron James, Corina Taylor, Erik Everhard, Steve Holmes, Byron Long & Tony Tedeschi.


I have been waiting for this movie for months. Well maybe not this particular movie, but I have been looking for Teagan’s video debut ever since I met this eighteen year old Princess in Vegas two months ago. I meet a few dozen new girls every year and every once in a while I run across one who has the whole package. During my interview with Teagan I had that feeling for the first time since I met Aurora Snow a few years back. She is super cute with a hot little body, great face and a smile that can just melt your heart. Ever since that day I have been looking to see what she can do sexually. If she is half as hot in her scenes as she was on that day then she really will be the next big thing.

Kayla Marie is a cut young thing who giggles through her interview with Vince. It is cute for a while, but by the time the sex is ready to start I think I might have just killed someone if heard one more squeak. To make sure this cutie gets plenty of cum, there are three guys waiting to dump their loads in her. She starts sucking while the guys line up to work her from behind. Kayla looks good with her lips stretched around Erik Everhard’s cock. There is good sexual energy at work as she sucks, strokes and fucks three big hard dicks at once. Byron Lon really lays the wood to this girl, filling her mouth and then stuffing her pussy to the max. They go right ahead and pump cum into her pussy until it’s oozing out, giving cream pie fans something to nut over.

Corina Taylor is a sexy girl with big eyes and a sweet smile. She talks about why she enjoys cum in her pussy before doing some dick sucking. Erik Everhard provides the meat and he manages to shove it all the way down her throat. This girl is a lot of fun and looks good bent over taking cock into her tight twat. Even though I know this is going to end with a cream pie, the fucking is great with a lot of eye candy and energy. I really like the way she fucks and will be looking out for this girl in lines that I enjoy more than this one. Once he finishes with her pussy, Erik slides his pole up into her ass and really makes Corina squirm. The doggy footage is fantastic as Erik plows her hard. The cream pie this time ends up in her tight asshole. Ewwww, but OK if you’re into that.

Cameron James is a twenty three year old blonde with a really tight little pink pussy. She is just dying to have some cream inside of her hot folds. Before she gets the goo, Cameron is going to have to get thoroughly fucked. Her shaved pussy looks quite inviting and grips every inch of meat that gets shoved into it. Everhard and Tony Tedeschi share young Cameron and piston fuck her pussy as she straddles their laps. Anal is next and she happily lets them pound away. There is an anal creampie at the end that she squeeze into her hand and licks up.

Crystal Ray shares time with Alexis. I really love watching Crystal fuck. Even though I am getting tired of the freak show finishes in this movie, Crystal is enough to make me want to keep going. (And I’m waiting for Teagan anyway.) The girl she is paired with isn’t bad either, but I can’t help but hold in a bit of enthusiasm knowing how it’s all going to end. Tony plays with Alexis’s tits, showing her great body to Crystal who seems impressed. During the all too short double blowjob, Crystal shines with her mouth and also shows off her Mynx-ian backside. Tony lets Crystal ride him and then puts the wood to Alexis from behind. The action is much better when Crystal is being fucked. That isn’t a slam on Alexis, but Ms. Ray just happens to be one of the best performers working today. This time the cream comes from Alexis’s pussy into Crystal’s mouth.

At long last we get to Teagan who is every bit as cute in the movie as she is on the box cover. She is super sexy looking in her little outfit and the interview is pretty good. This little cutie has a real Britney Spears thing going on and has a super looking ass as she crawls around. Erik Everhard is the lucky guy who gets to toss this pretty little thing around for a bit. Watching her suck cock it is pretty clear that this girl is going to be a star. She’s cute as hell and has that great look in her eyes as it slips between her lips. Erik bends her over and power fucks that pretty teen pussy to make sure she can handle it. I love the leg shots, but ass lovers are going to have more fun watching her ride his dick. Those cute buns get split and her ass swallows Erik’s cock quite nicely. She looks great spread out, but I love it best when he picks her up and does some standing RCA with the perfect little teen dream. He goes back into her pussy to leave a big load right in her womb. Teagan pushes it out and licks it up.

In order to praise this movie from start to finish I would have to be able to ignore the main theme. I know a lot of you like creampies and that’s totally cool. I don’t and that cost this movie a full grade. (And please don’t anyone write to me telling me how much more intimate internal shots are. Yes, cumming in a woman is intimate, but having her push it out onto the floor or her hand is just the opposite.) Beyond the finishes this is a really good movie. Teagan is going to get her share of praise, but let’s look at the other girls first. Crystal Ray is great as always and Kayla Marie is surprisingly one of the best fucks in the flick. That’s enough for the other girls. The reason to watch this movie is Teagan. She is hot, hot, HOT. Her looks match her sexual energy and she will continue to be my “it” girl until you have all made the conversion. Now, if she will just agree to marry me everything will be fine.

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