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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Deep Inside Kobe Tai

240 Mins (Approx.)

Vivid Raw

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Kobe, Asian Women




STARS: Kobe Tai


Vivid Video has long filled the shelves with compilation tapes. With a catalog of movies this big, they could probably flood stores with re-packaged material for years. Vivid DVD has just as many movies to pull from and with this release, seems to be providing fans of one of their most popular contract girls, all the Kobe they can handle. For years, this cover girl gorgeous woman has given fans of Asian women something to cheer about. She has also proven that contract girls don’t have be bland when it comes to sex scenes. Kobe is a tiny little fuck bunny who always goes full steam ahead when a big hard cock gets near her dainty frame.

The bulk of the action is in the “Tantalizing Tai” section. This is where you get all of the Kobe action. Full scenes with guys like Mickey G, Jon Dough and Colt Steele. Girls get into the act as well, but let’s focus first on the guys. Dough get Kobe on the beach in a beautifully shot scene. Mickey fucks her so hard it looks like she might break in half. For pure oral pleasure, Kobe’s blowjob with Brad Armstrong is just great. She works his fat cock in her tiny hands and jams it down her hungry throat. There are fifteen scenes in this section, giving you a great look at Kobe from all angles. Normally I don’t get into women this thin, but she is so beautiful and so into her scenes that it’s hard not to enjoy each scene. I still don’t know how a woman this petite can take such big dicks so deep, but as long as it looks this good, who cares how?

Best Butts gives us three more scenes with a (you guessed it) anal flavor. Best among this collection is a Stephanie Swift butt romp. She looks fantastic giving this lucky guy head and manages to take every throbbing inch in her snug little asshole. Isis Nile is also on hand in this section, adding another good anal romp to the mix

The Ladies Only section gives us three bonus lesbian scenes starring such notable veg-hounds as Felecia, Ruby, Jenteal, Misty Rain, Jill Kelly and TJ Hart. Compared to the Kobe section, this one holds little interest for me personally, but it adds a lot of time and a veggie flavor to this disc.

In the Gallery, you will find images that get us back to the all-Kobe all the time theme. There are some high quality images show in a moving slide show. Perhaps a more traditional picture gallery in addition to this nicely produced piece would have rounded things out nicely. The previews on this disc let us see three other Deep Inside DVDs. Based on what I’ve seen with this one, I can tell you that I plan to order the Deep Inside Jenteal, Janine and Jenna discs as soon as I file this review.

Obviously, if you don’t like Kobe Tai, there isn’t much reason to grab this DVD. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of tiny porn queen, then this is just about the perfect disc. It’s nicely put together with a whole lot of Kobe’s best scenes. With so much praise, it almost seems a shame to make a list of things I would like to see added. Still, a better photo gallery would have been nice and how about a really good interview with Kobe, maybe even some comments on each scene to really get behind the scenes with this superstar. Perhaps even a virtual sex scene to round things out. I like this disc a lot and with some minor tweaking, this could be a tremendous line, setting the standard for star vehicle discs. A must own disc for any fan of Kobe, this disc is bound to be a favorite.

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