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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
Evil Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gapes, Interracial Sex
STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Jade Marcella, Kaylee, Belladonna, Sandy Knight

When word first came out that Jules Jordan was moving to Evil Angel, I wasn’t all that shocked. I’ve been a rather impressed with his work literally from the first time I laid eyes on one of his movies. Many of you have also noticed the great work he’s done recently, so it’s no surprise that someone as keen on talent as John Stagliano would add Jules to the team. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the last year (Or just not watching wall to wall sex tapes) Jules has been tearing it up for Rosebud, shooting no bullshit videos with great sex. His camerawork is very good, but what stands out right away is the quality of his movies. Consistently, he produces some of the best looking videos, from a picture quality standpoint, of anyone in the biz. Add that to a good sense of how to shoot sex, some hot women and a whole lot of sexual energy and you have top notch stroke material every time. (Even AVN got it right, nominating Jules 10 times this year.) Now that he has joined the Evil Empire, the expectations are going to be even higher, but I’ll bet a case of porn tapes and a bottle of lube that he’s up to the challenge.
Belladonna has been named as the new Buttwoman, so you know she has the assets to star in a movie called Ass Worship. Jules admires her whole body, but eventually settles on her ass because it’s simply a stunning piece of work. He follows her around the house, giving us plenty of tease footage before pulling out his cock and rubbing it against her find cheeks. Bella bends way over so she can suck his cock while her face is upside-down. Now that’s a trick every girl should learn. The more traditional position makes it easy for Bella to look into the camera and seduce us with her eyes as she delivers a first class hummer. With her fishnet stockings and heels still on, she takes it standing at first, then lies down for some very wide spread mish. For the anal, Jules starts out by inserting a big butt plug into the willing ass of young Bella. She walks around with it in, then comes back for a longer toy. Bella opens her ass for some pretty extreme anal toy play. That makes it even easier to take a real cock back there. After some A2M, Jules just pumps away on her butt, letting Bella show the world what a true anal whore she really is. It looks like he’s been saving up because Jules drops a huge load right on her face, covering it in jizz and closing out his first Evil Angel scene in perfect fashion.
Kaylee is a wide assed blonde who fills out a tight set of workout pants. She slips out of the shorts, showing off her body and letting us get a good look at her firm tits and that big ass. After a long tease portion, Mark Wood and Erik Everhard come in to try their luck with this curvaceous young cutie. For a chick who looks fresh out a teen magazine, she sure handles the two cocks well. She climbs up on her Erik who has both hands full of her full cheeks. Seeing that butt as the perfect target, Wood slides in and pops it right up her ass. When they flip her over, there is a brief but great shot of Kaylee spread wide, a cock in her ass and her pussy just begging to be plugged. For her first DP, Kaylee adjusts well and shows great energy. When it comes time for the guys to shoot, they blast her face. Great facial and even better post pop footage as the jizz runs down her smiling face.
Sandy Knight is another blonde who has quite an impressive ass. Her bubble boobs match her bubble butt, but Sandy isn’t as cute or wholesome looking as Kaylee. Of course, we’re here to watch her get fucked, not vote her prom queen. After a wonderful ass tease sequence, she bends over and allows her ass to be used as a drum. This makes for easy access for some deep probing doggy vag. Jules enjoys fucking her, but also stops to lick her lips every once in a while. Sandy is also fond of her own juices on a cock, happily licking away before getting on her knees with that ass high in the air. Best of all, Sandy strokes his cock and asks for a load. You have to love a girl who will do that and then take a huge blast of ball batter on her face. (Open eyes and mouth to boot.)
Jewel De’Nyle struts around, showing off her big ass in a pair of tight pants. Jules has her try on some different outfits, shooting Jewel from every angle and ogling her jiggling cheeks and huge tits. She puts a butt plug in her ass to get it warmed up. For more tease, we follow her up some stairs. (She is now in some fishnet stockings and a revealing fetish bra.) In the upstairs bedroom, Jewel finds a big toy waiting for her on a table. Slipping her pussy over the dong, she fills herself with two toys. After she cleans both toys with her mouth, Jewel runs over to let Lexington Steele play with her ass. These two fuck each other more often the Senate Democrats and the Senate Republicans, but somehow, they manage to make it seem fresh each time. Jewel gets down and uses both hands to stroke his big cock into her horny mouth. Nice eye contact as she does her best to please that throbbing slab of cock meat. Ripping a hole in the stockings to make her pussy easy to get to, Lex lies back and lets her ride him as hard as she can. He stands up, holding her in the air and letting all that weight drive his prick deeper into her slutty slit. Giving his back a rest, Lex throws her down, spreads Jewel’s legs and just abuses her pussy in mish. From there, her ass is easily penetrated and apparently, a big black cock in her ass makes Jewel cum like a demon. Nice anal here, especially if you like the junk in the trunk look. During the doggy, her bountiful buns bounce a whole like while he pumps her. No way she is going to take it in the ass like that and then not get a facial. Lex shoots his load on her face then let’s Jewel does her part for anal cleanliness by sucking her ass off his cock.
Last up is total ass-whore Jade Marcella. Before any dick gets near hear butt, Jade plays with toys, First, it’s big anal beads that get shoved in and slowly removed. While she sucks on those, a bigger set is inserted, expanding her colon to fit the plum sized knobs. More toys follow as Jules has fun with Jade’s little butt. He uses a glass door to get some shots of Jade backing up on a big dildo. When it’s time to do A2M on that fat fake cock, Jade sucks it like it belongs to her long lost love. Erik Everhard gives Jade a real cock to suck and she is all over that thing, jamming it to the back of her throat and slobbering like a cock starved slut. Her pussy is the only hole that’s been left out so far, so Erik makes sure to slam the shit of that those shaved flesh curtains. Since her ass took all those toys, the insertion is easy and no matter how hard Erik bangs her, Jade is ready for more. He stands up, impaling her on his prick and carries his little sex doll into the bedroom for more anal action. Jules sticks his cock in her mouth for a bit, then joins Erik in double stuffing this nasty little treat. When they pull out to stuff her mouth again, we get some very tight shots of Jade’s ass which now looks like something out of a Clive Barker film. Her ass gapes so much that two external shots become anal cream pies when the cum runs into her ass. Switching into freak show mode, she shoots it from her ass into a glass and drinks it. Good think I didn’t just finish lunch.
Jules Jordan picks up with Evil Angel where he left off with Rosebud. He brings in a bunch of hot chicks, fucks them raw and leaves them with nothing more than a cum rag. Belladonna starts out by showing off her best assets and padding her anal resume with another high heat scene. Kaylee is a sweet looking girl with a nice, big ass that just creams for cock. Jewel De’Nyle does another colon ripping scene making me wonder where she’s been hiding this kind of energy for the last two years. Jade Marcella caps things off by being a super ass freak, going beyond Jordan’s usual action and adding some anal freak show to an already hot, nasty video. This is what Evil Angel brought Jordan in to do and he’s off to a great start.

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