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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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110 Mins

DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Oral Sex, Gagging, Puking, Slapping, Pissing, Freak Show Porn




STARS: Veronica Caine, Taylor St. Claire, Justine Romee, Keri Starr, Dusk Del Mar


We can get this out of the way right at the start. I’m not going to enjoy this movie. Not even a little bit. I didn’t like Cocktails 1 and Lizzy Borden promised me that this one would make me “fucking sick.” She assured me that this one would be even more disturbing and when Lizzy says that, I tend to believe her. While I haven’t got so far as to read another review of this movie, I have picked up a general vibe from the RAME folks and this one has about as much of a chance of scoring over a 2 as I do of being invited to Max Hardcore’s for dinner. So why review it? Same reason I review any of the dozens of tapes I know I’m not going to like. Because people write in and request it, and because if I all I ever did was review the movies I knew I was going to like, it would be boring. (Not to mention all those screaming charges of selling out.) Besides, I know that there is a dedicated group of readers who reverse every rating I give a movie and buy/rent only those which turn my stomach.

Taylor St. Claire starts things out. If she hadn’t already proved it, this would be a good way to show the world that her pretty girl, modeling and veggie only days are over. The starts out with three guys around her, slapping her in the face and ordering her to suck their cocks. In between mouth strokes, she has to spit into the drool bowl that is collecting all of her dribbling saliva. They dunk her head in a big bucket of water to get her nice and wet. To add to the fun, Brian Surewood fucks her ass while she is choke fucked into some lovely Technicolor yawns. Every time the camera pans to the growing puddle of crap in the bowl, I wonder who would want to fuck with something that has to smell like Ron Jeremy’s dirty socks. There is some good, hard DP action going which I did enjoy, but the verbal abuse and rough sex attitude don’t do much for me. Every time I start to find the action a little appealing, I think about what they have in store for her and that bowl. Some nice facial action precedes the inevitable tipping of the nasty brew. Whatever is in that bowl makes her gag and nearly has me ready to yack as well. Follow that up with some pissing on her face and in her mouth and I’ve already proven my thesis statement. (Who refers to a line in a porn review as a thesis statement?)

Justine Romee starts thing off with something sexy in Spanish. That is followed by some very rough oral. Justine can take cock deep, but watching her gag and spit into a pink bowl just doesn’t do much for me. The sex is pretty good, with guys pounding at both ends of her body with a lot of vigor. If we could take away the dribble bowl, this would just be another good hard anal scene from a woman who really knows how to work her as on a hard cock. Justine gets DP’ed without a lot of the abuse we saw in the Taylor scene. After the guys fuck her silly, they shoot all over her wide open mouth. Stop it there and we’re fine, but she tips the spit bowl onto her face, sending a fairly disgusting mix all over her face. Not as gross as the first scene, but still not for the weak of heart.

Keri Starr is a girl who has taken as much abuse as anyone I’ve seen in porn. You have to admire her spunk, but have to wonder about a girl getting slapped and having spit fed to her through a funnel. When that isn’t enough, they fuck her while spitting in her face and smearing her eye make up. You know it’s almost kind of funny how hard they guys fuck her. It’s like they think they are punishing her, but Keri just keeps taking everything they’ve got. By the time they cum through the funnels, she does look a little worse for the wear, but manages to smile anyway.

Dusk Del Mar isn’t ever going to be a Vivid Girl, but she makes up for that by taking a throat fucking without much of a problem. The guys throw her down and pound away on her soft body, nearly fisting her pussy. Like before she is made to spit into the bowl, creating an oatmeal like mess. Lizzy gets in there and fingers her holes as well before turning Dusk back over to the guys. Having her ride dick isn’t the greatest idea since she looks like hasn’t seen a sit up in a long while. That’s all right though, since her job is to take cum on her face and not complain. As if that weren’t enough, they piss on her face as well. There is a cut before she has her face dunked in the bowl, so maybe that isn’t actually piss she is washing her face in, but you get the idea. Even if the piss isn’t real, she shoots enema liquid into the mix. With little brown floaters, she take a drink and then dumps it on her face. I don’t know if making the audience vomit is really the point of porn, but if it is, call this one a classic.

How in the world can Lizzy follow that scene? Veronica Caine gets chased down by Luciano and Brian Surewood. They immediately start fucking her as hard as they can. Like some of the other scenes, this one would be quite hot if not for the spitting and choking. She takes a deep dicking from Looch while Brian holds her leg high in the air, making it easier for him to sodomize her raw ass. They rough her up a bit during the DP, with Surewood giving her the double fishhook. (What exactly is the sexual appeal of this act?) When the guys pump cum into her mouth through a funnel, you might thing that his one is over. Oh no. They take the spit bowl and empty it through a tube into her asshole. From there it gets pumped back out and right into her mouth. OK, all you bulimics out there can save your fingernail polish. Just watch this and that pesky sustenance will come sliding right up.

We should probably start with why this movie shouldn’t rate a zero. First of all, Taylor taking a hard pounding DP is worth a look. Second, Justine Romee deep throating is pretty hot. That said, I can’t imagine a movie that made me want to just puke so fucking badly. The slapping and verbal abuse is one thing. I’ve just sort of learned to tune that out, but this one goes well beyond that. Pissing aside, and why should I push it aside, it’s about as erotic as squishing cockroaches between your teeth, there are bigger issues. Girls drinking their own spit, pre-puke, vomit and other bodily fluids is horrid enough. Add in some enema remains and a bit of piss and you know there was a shortage of breath mints and barf bags on the set when everything was finished. Lizzy promised me that I would hate this movie and she came through big time. Congratulations Liz, you are now the only director to ever get a ten and a zero from

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