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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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135 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Paul Thomas
STARS: Dyanna Lauren, Tricia Deveraux, Melissa Hill, Missy, Steven St. Croix, Tony Tedeschi and Jon Dough.
THEMES: Cheating, Plot.

I’ve seen this film touted in other sources as the best of the year, so when I picked it up, my expectations were high. With all the criticism Paul Thomas gets on the net (As opposed to the massive ass kissing he gets in AVN), it is easy to forget that once in a while he really hits one on the screws and gives us something really great to enjoy.
Things start out quickly, with sexy Tricia Deveraux stripping down to her thigh highs and heels for Tony Tedeschi. I have got a major hard on for Tricia and she looks fabulous here as the object of Tony’s lust. Her oral skills are second to none and it is perfectly captured. Tony mounts her from behind on the desktop, obviously fulfilling many of the fantasies he has been having all day at work. She whips off her glasses to take a big load of liquid love on her face.
As we open on a nice suburban grocery store, one of the wives from the title, Dyanna Lauren, shows her bad side by downing a few cookies when she thinks no one is looking. While this certainly doesn’t make her all that bad in my book, the undercurrents of rebellion are flowing heavily in the beautiful blonde. Later, as she sits around a pool with friends Melissa Hill, Tedeschi and Jon Dough, Dyanna lets her mind wander. You see, she is feeling a little old and fearing her own mortality.
Things get very strange for a long while here. Reader’s Digest version is that Melissa and Dyanna are both feeling a little restricted and need to go out and stir things up. The mysterious bag boy at the grocery store, Steven St. Croix catches them with the cookies again and this time seems to have more in store than a bit of humiliation for the two wives. Melissa has a vivid fantasy of herself watching the mysterious man fuck young counter girl Stephanie Swift while the respectable married lady fingers her pussy furiously. As sexy as Steph is, Melissa is just too tempting over in the corner and she is dragged into the action. Melissa is absolutely perfect here, sucking cock with the sort of wild desperation befitting her character. There are so many reasons I love this woman, her looks, her sexual heat and her ability to always light up the screen. It takes an incredible performance to reduce Steph to window dressing, but that is exactly what Ms. Hill is able to do. This is a scorching sex scene, with two hot women (And count them, four natural breasts at once.) Steven holds out as long as he can before exploding onto Steph’s face, leaving her with cum dripping from her chin as she rubs his shrinking cock all over her face.
Dyanna has been effected as well it seems. She lies in her bed at night, rubbing her pussy until her dreams get the best of her. She wanders downstairs where the busty blonde dances naked in the living room until Dough wanders out to see what is going on. Then Dyanna taunts him by sticking her wonderful ass high in the air and finger fucking her tight asshole while rubbing her pussy. At the same time, Melissa is similarly involved in her own self loving tease fest. Their husbands seem to finally get the clue and give their wives what they long for, a healthy dose of cock. Dyanna really goes nuts, sucking Jon through the slats in the stairwell in a wonderfully shot, totally hot blowjob scene. She gets him so excited, that he nearly throws her down to the couch where he can get easy access to her dripping slit. Someone must have forgotten to tell Ms. Lauren that Vivid girls are not supposed to be this into their sex.
Melissa, never to be confused with the typical Vivid girl, is all over Tedeschi in seconds. Her cocksucking is absolutely out of this world as she mouths his meat like a woman possessed. Generally, I hate switching back and forth between scenes, but since both pairings are so outstanding, it almost makes up for it here. I’ve never seen this much fire in Dyanna and her dirty dialog rivals porn’s filthiest mouths. After a great standing fuck on the stairs, Jon drops a big jizz bomb right into the mouth of one of porn’s pretties ladies. Not content with the usual grind, she makes him lick her pussy until she can cum.
Meanwhile Tony is busy stuffing Melissa’s muffin in another excellent standing doggy fuck. He just shoves her against the wall and fucks the shit out of her. Of course, the way Melissa arches her sexy ass is nearly beyond description. After she rides his cock for a while, Ms. Hill slips down from his lap and uses her tongue as a sexy invitation for Tony to jerk off right into her mouth. Big props to Thomas for a good facial and an even better post pop linger as she sucks his shrinking cock clean.
Things are not all happy even after these little sexual adventures. Melissa is admitting her deep desire to suck the bag boy’s cock, and gets herself a whole new wardrobe of slutty outfits. (Which she thankfully tires on one at time in front of her mirror.) However, things are even worse for Dyanna and Jon. As the couple nears a complete meltdown. Her behavior becomes more and more erratic and this just brings out the worst in her husband.
Melissa’s new attitude has completely turned Tony off from sex with his wife. (What are you fucking insane!!!) Actually, as Melissa soon finds out, it is his fling with Tricia that has him distracted. As the dejected wife runs downstairs to bite her soap. (Have to follow the plot now kiddies.) Tony is munching Tricia’s muff while Missy fingers her own hot slit not far away. Tony blindfolds Tricia and Missy dives right into that shaved honey pot between Ms. Deveraux’s soft thighs. It’s a bit too crowded down there, so Tony decides to move up and fuck her face while Missy keeps right on sucking that sweet pussy. Always one to heat up a scene, Missy bends over the desk and lets Tony shove his cock straight up her tight asshole while Tricia watches. (Wow, Melissa Hill at home, or Missy and Tricia at the office, maybe this is tougher than I thought.) Tony and Missy really go at it in a super hard anal, with ass slapping and hair pulling galore as the sexy blonde just cums harder and harder. Not to be outdone, Tricia spreads her cheeks and invites him in her backdoor as well. The pair of lovely anal sluts share his cock in their hungry mouths for a perfectly shot double BJ which naturally leads to Tony feeding his jizz to Missy. Not was well captured a facial as I would have liked, but a hot scene none the less.
Dyanna finally meets up with her mystery bag boy and the sparks fly long before the clothes come off. She plays this scene perfectly, frantic for cock, starved for lust, and hotter than anyone has a right to be. Steven plays it very cool, actually walking away and making her come after him, practically begging. Once she gets her lips around his cock, he comes to his senses and lets her go to work big time. The trouble is, there is someone else in the house. Any guesses? Yes, Melissa is there as well. I won’t go into details about the long, well written and extremely well acted dialog scene, but do watch it. It is what makes this feature well above average.
Of course, what most of you want is what comes after the talking and that is Melissa and Dyanna practically raping poor Steven. With these two sharing a cock, you know it is a visual treat. Once again, Vivid girl Dyanna shocks me with some great oral while Melissa forces her sweet pussy down onto her face. By the time Dyanna is ready to be fucked, Melissa helps juice it up with her own impressive blowjob, thoroughly prepping him to slide into her tight hole. God, the shot of Melissa on her back, getting mish from Steven while Dyanna rides her face and those incredible legs are straight up in the air, is simply porn perfection. Of course, watching a Vivid girl take it in the ass is always a highlight and Dy does not short change things. She takes a serious ass pounding and loves every second of it. Steven pulls out of the Vivid girl ass and sprays a North-like sperm geyser across Dy’s upturned backside and all over Mel’s face. Even some A2M sucking by the dirty Ms. Hill, breaking every Vivid stereotype there is.
The conclusion of this script is more than worth watching. Even without any more sex, the well put together plot will keep you watching until the very end. Having just seen New Wave Hookers 5, I won’t go so far as to call this the best tape I have seen all year, however, this is the best written and best acted tape I have seen in some time. The plot is great, the performances, sexual and non, are all top notch. Dyanna Lauren has to be up for top female performance as she is absolutely on fire in all of her scenes. Melissa Hill, Tricia Deveraux and Missy add plenty of other hot sex scenes to make the most raincoated of you happy. Couples and strokers should both find this to be a great video experience. Easily a best film nominee and worthy of the highest praises.

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