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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander

Anabolic – 1998 (8/97)

THEMES: Blondes, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks.

STARS: Mikaela, Bianca, Linda, Dina Juwel, Anna, Jessica, Mark Davis, Mr. Marcus.


The world is a great big, beautiful place, filled with interesting people, wonderful history and amazing sights. Of course, Anabolic’s World Sex Tour incorporates none of these things, sticking instead to what we porn fans care about most, the hot, young babes. This time, the crew head to Sweden, home of beautiful, busty, blondes, in an attempt to continue their incredible string of white hot sex vids.

Mikaela is the first Swedish cutie to grace the camera. This twenty two year old is more than ready to show Mark Davis some Swedish hospitality. Blessed with a very pretty face, Mikaela’s best asset still has to be the world class set of legs she sports. She spreads those lovely legs wide so that Mark can bury his face in her sweet pussy and lap away for a while. With seemingly no effort at all, Mikaela swallows Mark to the root of his thick cock. We don’t get to see her suck for long however, as he is quite anxious to put her on her hands and knees and fuck the blonde from behind. Even that doesn’t last long as Davis explodes all over her mouth in less than two minutes. After this quick shot, Mark keeps fucking Mikaela, this time letting her mount him for some very nice reverse cowgirl. Eventually, he gets around to her ass, which offers some resistance at first, clenching his thick cock tightly as Mark slides into her backdoor. The second cumshot is naturally, not as copious as the first, but Mikaela laps up every drop this time around as well.

Anna is another blonde, who at twenty one seems to be quite at home in front of the camera. She is paired up with a couple of Swedish guys who. Her interview is interesting enough, but when the guys close in on her tight body, the fun really begins. They each take and end, for a rousing bit of oral sex. Anna has a nice body, with firm, small tits, long legs and a well rounded ass. While she is busy fucking and sucking the guys, Mr. Marcus cruises in and puts her lips to the test, filling her mouth with his big cock. Impressed with her oral work, he moves around to fuck her from behind for a while. You know that he has to eventually work his way to her ass, which is a pretty tight fit. Amazingly, there is still enough room for one of the other guys to slide underneath her for some DP action. Before finishing, Anna takes three loads on her smiling face, leaving her messy, but quite satisfied.

Linda is another blonde, who at nineteen, has an absolutely incredibly cute face. Her English is not that good, and she needs an interceptor, but who cares? With the help of the Swedish interpreter, Mark gets her naked before even bothering to ask three questions of this dangerously cute blonde. He gets down and sucks her inviting clit while her other friend fills her mouth with man meat. Linda is incredibly sexy and quite ready to spread her lovely long legs to give Mark all the access he needs to her pretty pussy. First, he has to try her oral skills and is understandably impressed when she repeatedly takes him all the way down to the root. He finds she can take it deep in her pussy as well and rather likes slamming her from behind. (I rather like watching it as well.) Even with a cock in her mouth, Linda can’t hide her vocal pleasure at being screwed silly. Not surprisingly, her pretty face looks just as alluring covered in a couple of loads of creamy jizz.

After all these blondes, a very cute brunette, Bianca, joins the fold. She is pretty pissed with her ex boyfriend and to help her work out some of that anger, Mark and Marcus give her a couple of flesh pacifiers to suck on. For such a petite girl, Bianca doesn’t hesitate to let them both fuck her sweet little pussy. Taking Marcus in the ass is pretty slow going for the tiny tart, but with some patience, he ends up buried in her butt, balls deep. By the time he is done, Mark is able to follow the dirt road quite easily, stroking much harder into her ass. Marcus likes her ass so much, he goes back for seconds. Nothing like a little interracial anal in the open air to make your day complete. A little more A2M action (And somewhere in WLA, Ed goes wild.) as Marcus and Mark unload on her pretty face. To her credit, Bianca doesn’t just sit back and take it, she sucks every last drop out of both cocks before licking the blanket clean of love juice.

Jessica is a twenty six year old with a heavy accent and a cute smile. Mr. Marcus probes her about her sexual history, but seems much more interested in having the strawberry blonde suck his fat cock. She quite happily takes it into her mouth and does some serious tongue flicking over his swollen head. Although she is a little thin for my taste, Jessica has some great tits and a major jones for hard cock. She is so enthusiastic as she rides his cock that Marcus can’t help but laugh a bit. As into sex as she is, it’s no real shock when she asks him to put it in her ass. He obliges, filling her rump with rod and making the vocal Swede cry out with pleasure as she rides his shaft. She hops right off for an uncut A2M and even lingers a while, licking his shaft completely clean.

Dina Juwel is up last, and this nineteen year old blonde beauty has superstar written all over her gorgeous face and incredible body. It takes both Marcus and Davis to keep her sexually satisfied as the three get naked and friendly outside near a beautiful lake. Boy a guy could get spoiled by all these beautiful blonde and their real tits. Maybe Sweden isn’t such a bad place after all. Marcus gets sucked hard first and plunges happily between her parted thighs, fucking that tight pussy hard and fast while Dina sucks Davis. He happily takes his turn fucking her sweet slit as well, leaving Dina to take nearly all of Marcus’ dark pole down her throat. Check out the way those tits move around naturally as she rides Davis and sucks Marcus deep in her mouth. Add to this incredible footage, the best two facial shots of the tape and you have an outstanding scene indeed. Dina with those two killer blasts on her gorgeous mug just pushed this tape into the must see category.

Once again, the Anabolic crew has scoured the earth in search of the hottest pieces of ass they can find. As usual, they have returned with a whole collection of young hotties, all dying to show off for the cameras. Dina is the clear cut star of the video, but there are a number of blonde, Swedish babes to catch your eye. Linda, Mikaela and Anna all fit the profile perfectly. Bianca and especially Jessica are living proof that blondes don’t have all the fun. Mark Davis and Mr. Marcus provide the meat for the cuties and both do a fine job. Marcus doesn’t quite have the charisma of Sean Michaels, but he brings the meat big time. Lots of fresh faced girls having anal sex with well hung guys, outdoor sex and facials galore. Sounds like a winner to me.

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