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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [1/12]
Female Looks [0/12]
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Picture Quality [0/12]
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103 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Robert Black
THEMES: Psychadelic Sex, DP, Anal Sex, Religious Symbols.
1999 (1/3/99)
STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Lizzie Borden, Tiffany Mynx, Elena, Mikki Taylor, Tom Byron, Luciano, John Strong, Earl Slate, Leo.
I’ve got two Extreme videos sitting here and before I reviewed either of them, I put them on to watch. Having scanned through both movies, I noted some distinct differences. So, to compare and contrast this film with ‘Archer’s Last Day’, please refer to both for an example of the best and the worst of what I have seen from Extreme of late.
The cover of ‘Acid Sex’, which features Jasmin in a crown of thorns is toned down quite a bit from the poster version Extreme was showing off at CES, but it still enough to catch the eye. Basically, since I think Jasmin is one of the hottest fucks in porn today, any cover with three pictures of her is going to be a head turner. This is her second feature film since signing on with Extreme, and her first, ‘The Pornographer’ was quite a hot debut. This one appears to be less of a feature and more an amped up ride though the intense and very possibly, disturbed mind of Robert Black.
The opening scene starts off like a music video with blaring, industrial grind blaring, all sorts of filters and effects and enough quick cuts to make me ready to personally go down the Extreme offices and force feed a truck load of Ridilin to Black and the film’s editors. Jasmin, in her crown, is forced to her knees by Tom Byron and Lizzie Borden, who are dressed as a nun and a priest. (Religious issues much?) Generally, watching Jasmin swallow Byron’s cock to the root would be fantastic to watch, but with all the grain and filters, I can only see about thirty seconds worth of sucking. With Lizzie using her strap on, they double fuck Jasmin into submission. Some slapping, spitting and fish-hooking are among the activities they put her body through. Jasmin does a deep rimjob on Tom while Lizzie fucks her from behind. Stealing a page from the Exorcist, she rubs her pussy with a cross while Tom fucks her ass. Disturbing religious images are not my idea of good porn, but they are not the problem here. It’s the fact that we never really get to see any of the action. Jasmin looks hot, Tom and Lizzie really fuck her hard, but most of the shots are strobed, grainy or filtered to the point of being unstrokeable. Sure this is a pretty cool piece of editing, but when Jasmin is bent over being fucked into next week, her ass stretched with shaft, I want to see it, in all it’s glory. The cumshot, right into her slutty mouth, is pretty great looking, even with the looping. A big load on this face is always a beautiful thing. Now, the palm wounds and such at the end aren’t for me, but this whole scene is already pretty much wrecked and stripped of nearly all it’s erotic pleasure.
Slutty blonde Russian Elena is next and she has two guys working her, but the effects are even worse. I’m not kidding when I tell you that they gave me a headache within the first minute of this scene. In fact, at the five minute point, we still have not seen a clear shot of the action. It sounds pretty hot, as a pair of studs fucking the pookie dust out of this pint sized like prick port. Again, I realize this is not supposed to look like every other porn vid, so on that level, I applaud this sort of creativity, but as a piece of porn, meant to get the audience off, I just don’t see how this scene could be anything but frustrating fast forward fodder. (At least the double facial is clear.)
The next scene is set in a huge cage with various meat items hanging from ropes and chains. A pig’s head, a mutilated doll’s head and other such lovely visuals hang as Luciano enters. Tiffany Mynx comes crawling to him and opens her luscious mouth. For some reason she has a stocking over her face with just a hole cut for the mouth. Kind of ruins the visual of Tiff sucking dick, but we don’t lose out much since this scene is also fucked up with the filtering. In strolls Jasmin and in her white tank top and jean shorts she is a picture of porn perfection. Again, the scene is besieged with too much art, and not enough hard-core smut. It’s really hard for me to enjoy watching two totally hot fuck bunnies like Jasmin and Tiffany if I have to wait through three minutes of unclear shots to get fifteen seconds of easy to see action. From what I can make out, this is another hot anal from Jasmin and Tiffany provides some hot A2M moments as well. Mynx also gets fucked in the ass as well, making this a tragically destroyed scene. Great anal squat fucking by Jasmin, but again, we can only see a small portion of this hot action. Even the facial, taken my Mynx is obscured by her stocking mask. Why?
Next we see Jasmin and Earl Slate standing over the grave of Rob Black. (Before some of you start lining up to dance on his grave, remember this IS just a movie.) She decides it would be fun to fuck right there on his headstone. Interesting idea and the prospect of watching Jasmin’s lips stretched around Earl’s unit is not without appeal. In fact, as with the other scenes, when I can actually see the action, it is quite good, with Jasmin doing her usual ‘fuck my holes ’til I bleed’ routine. More fantastic anal and this time, we get a bit longer to enjoy the sight of her butt high in the air while Earl violates it, before fading back into the far too familiar art mode. The facial is nice with a lot of goo landing right in her open mouth and Jasmin swallowing major seed. Some of the best action so far, but it’s still not one quarter as hot as is could have been.
Mikki Taylor has a three way scene that falls victim to everything Elena’s scene did, so rather than bore you all with a recap of why this makes for shitty porn, I’ll just refer you back Elena’s scene. Not a single unhindered shot, but this time it’s worse because this blonde is actually hot looking. I imagine had this scene just been shot straight forward, I would have been praising it for all the things great about it. Instead, it’s an instant pass with no sexual value.
Back to Jasmin who finds herself in bed when a pair of afro-wig wearing clowns come in and attack her. (Hey, so this is what the Insane Clown Posse is doing now that everyone knows their music sucks major shit.) Ever cock hungry, Jasmin wolfs down both dicks on her way to rimming some serious clown ass. One clown rewards her with slam fucking while she tongues the other’s ass. There just never seems to be enough cock to keep this rod starved slut happy and damn if that doesn’t make for hot fucking scenes. Once again, she may look best doing RCA, that is, if we could actually see the action. They fill her ass and pussy with cock and even with the lame effects, some serious heat comes through. The simultaneous facial is looped three times, with one version actually being clear.
By now, I think my overall feelings for this film should be clear. I understand that Rob Black doesn�t want his movies looking like everyone else’s, but I don’t see why he would take perfectly good, often great, sex and cloud them with way too much visual style. (Eye clutter is probably a more accurate statement.) I love watching Jasmin fuck and she does so in four scenes this time, including three DPs, tons of anal and some fantastic facials. It’s really too bad we never get to see them. What is probably her hottest sex is lost in a sea of grain, distorted images and colored filters until it ends up looking more a like a really bad Marilyn Manson video (Is there any other kind?) than a porn flick. What I would really like is to just watch the raw footage, without all the ‘art’ so I can enjoy watching porn’s nastiest slut get the shit fucked out of her three ways to Sunday. Is that too much to ask? Come to think of it, ‘Acid Sex; is the perfect title for this movie. Perhaps after a butt load of acid, this is how all porn looks. Or maybe it’s like Pink Floyd’s the wall and unless you are seriously fucked up, it just make any sense. Either way, it ends up being a pretty un-strokeable piece of experimental porn.
So, head to head, how did Acid fare against Archer? It got blown away. Not because the cast in Archer is hotter or the sex was even better, but simply because we could SEE the sex. Jasmin gives great performances, that get wasted because we can’t see a damn thing. Without a clear view of the action, what’s the point of watching hard core anyway? I hope Archer will be the example and all Extreme features will deliver the goods in a package that doesn’t give one headaches and motion sickness.

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