Extremely Yours, Stryc-9

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Extremely Yours, Stryc-9


120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Compilation
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Stryc-9, Anal Sex, Gapes
STARS: Stryc-9, Elle DeVyne, Regan Star, Malitia, Natasha Luciano, Tom Byron, Claudio, Byron Long and Van Damage.
Yes, I know this is another final ?fuck you? from the team at Extreme to one of their former contract girls. Yes, I know that the “New” Strcy-9 will be unveiled. Yes, I realize that there will be some liberal shots taken at the woman who now sits at #2 on the Rog Top Twenty List. I know all this dear readers and yet I am amped as fuck to see this comp. No, not to check out the somewhat rotund woman who now holds the name Stryc-9, but to watch a whole movie, packed with nothing but the woman who has seen more name changes than Dennis Rodman has body piercings. For over a year now I have been telling you all that this super cute bundle of all natural sexual heat is something incredibly special. Now, you will get to see why I consider her one of the hottest women in all of porn. (And why she is still the woman most likely to be thrown down and ravaged by yours truly.) Since I’ve already reviewed each scene, I’ll try to keep this brief.
Before each scene, we get to see the ‘new’ Stryc-9 introduce each scene. The African American woman probably weighs as much as an entire village. Those of you who want to make jokes at Cherry’s expense, feel free to enjoy this woman licking ice cream off Luciano’s dick. For the rest of, the real Stryc-9’s actual scene with Luchi is a lot more appealing. With Tom Byron there to capture the action, she straddles his face in a 69 and starts swallowing his dick. As a SoCal guy you wouldn’t think that such pale skin would be such a huge turn on for me, but there is something about the way she looks, with no visible tan lines (Or tan for that matter) that really cranks my engine. There are some really nice close up shots of her pussy as she grinds down on him. This is a sweet little tuna taco I’d eat any day of the week. In the same position, Luciano goes into her ass, pulling her legs high into the air and together for a beautiful shot. When such a fresh faced looking girl can deliver such great anal scenes (Complete with a massive gape in this scene.) it’s the makings for a porn superstar. Add a nice cumshot onto a smiling face and you have a great scene.
Luciano gets to fuck her again in a scene from Night Stalker. The duo sneak up on a house where Chandler unsuspectingly plays with her dildo. This movie suffered from some over done editing, but in general, was quite hot. Chandler is a willing participant and does her best to keep up with be-shaded Stryc-9 as they suck Luciano to full attention. Both girls suck really well, but about a third of the shots are intentionally grainy and that always just ends up pissing me off. We end up getting just enough unencumbered anal for me to still like this scene an awful lot. Chandler also gets DP’d thanks to a strap on from Stryc-9. That will teach her to be such a tease. Nice shared cumshot before it gets screwed in the editing bay.
From another Tom Byron classic, Stryc-9, looking incredibly cute in her schoolgirl uniform, pairs up with Claudio for a little older guy/younger girl action. She always looks great giving head, but this is a particularly hot blowjob for some reason. After head this good, he can hardly wait to turn the tables and taste this sweet treat. In the center of this big, blue bedspread, her pale skin and perfect breasts are quite inviting. Claudio does a very nice job of fucking her tight pussy hard from a number of fun and exciting angles. He even manages to assfuck this sexy creature and how many guys are lucky enough to be able to say that? I love the tit fuck ending. Yummy, me next.
Next is a four on two fuck with Elle DeVyne, Luciano, Van Damage, Malitia and Regan Star. When I originally reviewed this movie, I was upset that Stryc-9 got so little screen time and it’s the same this time around. She is hotter than hell, but sharing time with three other women just doesn’t cut it. In the end, they all take cum on their faces.
Back in a one on one scene, Stryc-9 shows her stuff once again. She’s got Tom Byron’s big cock to play with and we get to watch her suck it for a very long time. Wonderful stuff, incredibly erotic. Since she doesn’t have a terribly deep throat, Stryc-9 makes up for it with great tongue action, a tight grip and a ton of eye contact. As before the camera gets right in there for the anal penetration. I honestly think that the best Stryc-9 scenes shot to date have been shot by Tom Byron. He just seems to bring out the very best in her. (As he brings up the best in a lot of women.) Gape fans will again be happy, as will facial fans.
Stryc-9, Iroc and Tom hook up in Hell from ‘Archer’s Last Day.’ The scene is again heavy on the editing which is the only thing that can possibly cool the heat these two women bring to the table. With a pink tinge over every thing, the women have a little cocksucking contest before taking turns riding his big cock. Stryc-9 pulls hit dick right out of Iroc and sucks her juices from it. No doubt an Iroc compilation will be on the way to us soon. Even though the dark nature of this film made the scene fit, I wish we could have seen this three way in a brightly lit room with nothing in the way of the smoldering hot sex. The facial is nice and sticky.
Next, we get a scene from Cocksmokers 2 (One of, if not the best blowjob movies ever.) Byron Long is in the credits, but I think this may be Lexington Steele providing the big chocolate stick for Stryc-9 to suck on. In just an awesome pair of fuck me pumps and stockings, she gives a wonderful blowjob that is hall of fame worthy. Included in the action is some great tit fucking and a nice load dropped on her lovely face.
For some reason, I can’t remember seeing this next scene. It’s between Stryc-9 and Earl Slate. Though Earl is not long on charisma, she treats his dick to another brilliant blowjob. (You know, I’ve written about these enough, I think it’s time I got see what they actually feel like, what do you say Cherry?) He must be doing something right, because I don’t remember Stryc-9 ever screaming as loudly as she does while he eats her shaved, perfect pussy. I’m going to have to check for this one, because she gives one of her hottest fucks here as well. I’m guessing this is a Tom Byron movie based on the way the sex is shot. More great shots of her pussy while her ass gets blasted. Give Earl a lot of credit for big load that Stryc-9 plays with after it paints her pretty mug.
No one should be shocked that I love this movie. After all, with the exception of the rather annoying in between glimpses at the human mobile home who know goes by Stryc-9, this movie is entirely packed with super hot Cherry/Stryc-9. One thing this comp shows is that so far, no one has done better scenes with this woman than Tom Byron. She is head to toe hot, with perfect tits, an ass made for fucking (That gapes for those of you who like them) and a face that just begs to be blasted with ball butter. Fans of Stryc-9 will want to own this collection of her best scenes and anyone who isn?t a fan, will be when this is done.

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