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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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100 Mins.


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex, Gapes


1999 (5/99)

STARS: Candi Lynn, Alana, Sabrina Johnson, Shasta, Amia Amore, Jennifer Leigh, Monique DeMoan, McKenna, Tom Byron.


The last few years have been very good to for fans of anal sex. The Lord of Asses, better known as Tom Byron, is one of the reasons why. Picking up where he left off in Cumback Pussy and Whack Attack, he has perfected a formula that begins with nicely shot intros and is followed by straight ahead sex. We always get plenty of close up shots, hard driving anal, gapes and a heaping helping of cum splattered facials. While I don’t get off on the gape shots, the rest of the L of A formula works really well for me. That might explain why he has climbed to the top of my list of wall to wall film makers. When he gets a high quality cast, there is no one more likely to produce a perfect porn film than the Lord of Asses. Is this cast good enough to earn him another ten? Alana and Sabrina Johnson are a pretty fucking good start.

First up is Monique DeMoan who looks quite tasty during the well put together intro segment. She is paired with Amia Amore who is really fucking cute. It’s a comeback for Monique who looks a tad like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Gina Gershon. Amia says she isn’t very verbal and prefers to communicate by taking Tom’s cock in her mouth. I wouldn’t mind seeing either of these women in one on one action, but I have to say, the sight of them sharing a blowjob works for me just fine. As I understand it, Monique is no longer with Extreme, but I do hope to see Amia in a lot more vids. (Hey, if she’s in a CockSmokers vid and you run short of dicks…….) After a short vag, the Lord of Asses goes for the ass of young Amia, slipping up into her sphincter like a warm, velvet glove. This little lady is already quite that butt slut and Monique’s mouth is just watering watching the action. She eventually gets hers, with Amia pulling those long, beautiful legs back over her head and Tom slamming into her colon, Monique never looked better. After a great anal scene, Tom fires a big load across both faces. Great finish to a great scene.

Candi Lynn is a chick with a name cuter than she is. Her big smile is kind of appealing and I do recognize that all women, when bent over and holding their ass cheeks open, offer a certain sexual charm that is hard to turn down. During her brief interview, she makes reference to having been Max Hardcore’s “Little Fuckhole.” Well darling, now that you’ve been had by the demented midget cowboy, you’re about to find out what a real cock feels like in your ass. Prepare to meet the Lord of Asses. The blonde gets considerably more attractive when her lips and fingers are wrapped tightly around a hard cock. For a new girl, she does just fine, working him over pretty well. I know she isn’t used to actually fucking a guy who knows how to fuck, but Candi is going to need to develop a bit more on camera charisma and personality. I mean, she’s got a cute body and does all the right things, but to be a star, it’s going to take a little bit of time and some effort. She does take a nice load on her face with a great big smile. Candi is sweet and shows some promise, but the jury is still out on her.

Sticking with blondes, Tom hooks up with Jennifer Leigh, who I am liking more every time I see her and Alana who is one of my personal faves. (Lucky bastard.) Before sampling the prime talent, Tom sits back while the girls play with each other. With these two, the only question is which hole does Tom want to try first. He decides to let Jennifer take his dick in her mouth first and the blonde does so, quite happily. Alana licks at his balls, anxiously awaiting her turn at the Lord of Asses’ staff. Great double blowjob here, with the two hot young blondes deep stroking his dick, sucking his sack and licking his ass until Tom is finally ready to slam fuck the little slutlets into next week. Alana gets penetrated first, taking dick from behind, slamming her ass back against Tom while Jennifer stays close to get a taste of pussy flavored cock-sicle. Jennifer is not about to let all the cock go without get some inside her own tight slit. She and Alana face each other and make out while Jen rides dick and Alana rides face. Anal for Alana first and she can take his whole cock with relative ease. Equally eager to be anally penetrated, Jennifer rides cock like a rising anal superslut. When he’s done, Tom again dispenses a big load to two very cum hungry girls. I have to say that this is one time when having both girls in the scene really makes things twice as hot.

McKenna is really well put together. This lovely young woman is deaf and so far, I haven’t seen her in a scene where she is not abused or ridiculed for this condition. That sort of stupid shit is absent here, though Rob Black does do some of the worst fake sign language I have ever seen. (And for the record, I am fluent in sign language, so if anyone actually wants a translator, give me a call.) One thing McKenna is really good at is sucking dick. She’s another one who has had the Max, mini-penis used on her and seems rather thrilled to find that cocks actually come in adult sizes as well. Very nice eye contact here as McKenna works as many inches of dick into her smiling mouth as much as possible. They seem to struggle a bit with his size as she rides him, but give Tom credit, he works with McKenna and even kisses her a bit to make things work better. Once she gets her fill of dick in that pussy, it’s time for McKenna to take it up the ass like a good little porn slut. She really rides hard on his cock, impressing everyone I’m sure. For the facial, she not only leaves her mouth open and tongue out, but even keep her eyes open as Tom fires a load onto her face. After sucking down every last drop and cleaning his cock, McKenna is done. Props to Tom for the best scene of her young career.

For the final scene, we get some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Sabrina Johnson is back. The bad news is that she has to share the scene. At least she gets to partner up with another cock starved slut, Shasta. The blonde is a super filthy girl, but has a long way to go to be as nasty a slut as Ms. Johnson. They play for the camera a bit first, lapping away at each other and doing all that hard foreplay stuff for Tom while he captures it all for our enjoyment. By the time he frees the royal staff, both women attack it like starved cock hounds. It takes a lot to hang with Sabrina orally, but give Shasta credit, she’s not half bad. In fact, she keeps right on sucking even after Sabrina starts riding Tom’s cock. Great close up from behind as she bobs up and down on that big cock. Sabrina is fantastic on camera and is every bit as hot when she is just talking dirty. Hogging all the dick to herself, Sabrina opens up her asshole and starts moaning like she’s never felt anything so good. (Gape alert) Shasta gets down and licks his cock as it fucks her ass. Now, that’s dedication to one’s craft. Shasta also gets assfucked and were she not following one of the hottest anal sluts in porn, would impress the shit out of us all. After proving herself with a hard anal fuck, the blonde goes back to being an ass juice licker, tasting Ms. Johnson’s lunch on Tom’s rod. Another shared facial is delivered as the two girls French kiss each other. Here’s your protein ladies, eat is all up.

The bottom line is that this is another winner from the Lord of Asses. Nothing particularly new or different here, just a great smut maker following a formula that has worked many times before. This is a pretty good cast, filled with a few familiar faces and some up and coming slutlets. Alana
and Jennifer Leigh are two very hot anal blondes and they bet blasted but good. Candi is a new girl who shows some promise. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her in the future. Likewise for Amia Amore and McKenna. This movie gives us their best scenes to date. Familiar faces Sabrina Johnson and Monique DeMoan round out the cast of thoroughly fuckable hotties. If that’s the kind of woman you love, young, hot and ready to fuck, and if you like your sex straight forward and hard-core, then this video should find a place in your personal collection. All hail the Lord of Asses, he is King of a he surveys. Or at least King of all the Colons he crams full of cock.


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