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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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110 Mins.
THEMES: Shane, DP, Fun
STARS: Shane, Yvonne, Melanie Stone, Sid Deuce.
Now this is what I call a compilation. I have long been a fan of Shane’s World videos, but before that, I was a huge fan of the woman herself. Shane has always been, for me, a perfect porn star. Great looking with a body to die for, of course, but much more than that. She is a dynamic sexual performer, delivering blowjobs like few in history. Her looks and sexual skills are matched by her incredible on camera charisma. There is a comfort and a great personality in this super hot blonde that comes across every time she is in front of the camera. So, now we get to see a whole tape of Shane’s favorite scenes, and at the risk of sounding like a total fan-boy, I’m more than a little geeked at the prospect.
First we watch as Shane jumps out of a plane, topless of course. No sex there, but fear not, Shane hooks up with a couple of New Zealand surfer boys and before you can say ‘pardon me, why does this never happen to me’ they are snacking at the chest of the one and only Shane. Dude pops way early, but Shane just keeps going, licking up cum and working him over. She has this great big smile on her face while sucking the first guy off, using her tits wonderfully to massage his member. The second guy is bigger and manages to last somewhat longer before firing his load into her mouth.
Included in this comp are some of the funnier moments from Shane vids (Like the Larry H. Parkins commercial parody.) as well as some unseen footage. The first unseen scene is between Shane and Tom Byron by a roaring campfire. (If we aren’t careful, this could actually be seen as a somewhat romantic pairing.) This is back in Tommy’s Psycho Jesus days, but Shane is unbothered by all that hair. All she wants is his big dick in her mouth. The soft light of the fire actually is very appealing and the idea of fucking under the stars always peaks my interest. Slipping on his jimmy, Tom slips his cock into Shane from behind. I’m curious, why didn’t this scene show up in a movie already? It’s nicely shot, with the fire in the background, and more than a little hot sexually. I love the shots of Shane on her back, feet up behind her head, getting just pounded. Damn, girl. You have to stop being so fucking sexy. Watching this just makes me miss Shane as a performer all the more.
Shane hooks up with Sid Deuce for a very hot double blowjob. You know, Sid is a pretty hot cocksucker, but head to head with Shane, she is a distant second. With the sounds of sex in the background, these two do one hell of a job on this lucky cock (Attached to Alex Sanders.). I love the shots of the two of them working opposite sides of his dick and meeting at the head for hot kisses. When Shane takes a break to check out the dildo show Yvonne is putting on, Sid takes advantage and mounts Alex. After the quick fuck, Sid sucks his balls while Alex strokes himself to a nice facial blast.
From one Shane blowjob to another we go. This time she is all alone with a growing cock. Having already described countless Shane blowjobs, I would really rather sit back and enjoy this one, so suffice it to say she is a wonderfully cock hungry and totally spurt inspiring as ever. Great blowjob, with a nice thick load shot into her hand/mouth.
Next we get Shane with the awesome Melanie Stone. These two women have worked together before and they know how to make each other squeal. When I do enjoy g/g scenes, it’s generally one like this one, where the women clearly dig what they are doing. (And are both wonderfully easy to look at.)
Yvonne joins Shane for a double blowjob on the veteran porn pole of Peter North. Talk about clash of the titans, Shane’s mouth, Peter’s prick and a little Yvonne mixed in for good measure. When Shane isn’t sucking cock, she is shoving anal beads up her girlfriend’s ass. Watching Shane ride Peter’s prick reminds me of why I have always loved her performances so much. She just looks great and fucks like she really loves it. Peter rains cum all over her stomach, tits and face. Great shot, great scene.
Finally, the moment we had waited years for, Shane taking two cocks for a DP. It’s slightly abbreviated, but we still get plenty of cocksucking and a nice slow insertion shot. No doubt this scene is as special now as when we first saw it. There is only one problem. Seeing Shane do this sort of scene just makes us all miss her even more. Shane takes to DP like a duck to water, obviously loving every second of it. Totally hot double facial closes out a scene that will probably leave everyone with SLS (Sticky Lap Syndrome.)
Showing how far she is willing to go for some backstage passes, Shane joins Yvonne in giving some faceless guy an incredible treat. To secure the passes, they both suck his cock while playing with each other. Never mind a nice retirement plan, this is the sort of benefit package that will have people dropping out of college by the score. (Calling Professor Hickey, it’s time for your eleven o’clock class.) After a very long blowjob, Shane jerks a big load into her fist and onto her tits. It’s only rock and roll, but I like it.
The final scene has Yvonne and Shane teaming up on a very lucky cop. They heat up a nice little motel room in no time. Finding both women equally read to fuck him raw, this guy lays some serious wood, proving that fucking on film is not just for the professionals. He does a very nice job trying to keep up with these totally hot women. No easy task to be sure. (Though one I would sure love to try.)
What can you say about a Shane compilation? If you like Shane, and I do, then it fucking kicks ass to see her sexual highlights all in one tape. If you don’t? Well, it’s a free country. I liked that there was still a strong sense of fun in this compilation, but the balance between that fun and killer sex is better than in any individual episode from the series. The DP is a classic, but Shane is at her best when she has a dick in her mouth. Teaming with Yvonne, Melanie Stone and Sid Deuce, she also proves that two heads are better than one. Since I am a Shane fan, you know I loved this video, so I’m guessing any of you out there who share my passion for this wonderful woman, will also dig the vid.

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